Malou Meyenhofer

Choreographer  Dancer Teacher

In tough times art condenses to its purest form: the celebration of virtues and values, the celebration of life.



“I am striving to create a new form of dance play altogether. A new form of theatrical experience – the thing I haven’t seen, the thing I am longing to see.”

Malou graduated as a professional dancer and choreographer from Zurich Dance Theatre School, which gave her a strong base in the dance techniques of modern, contemporary, jazz and ballet. She is a versatile artist who transitions effortlessly between Europe, the US and India.


«90 minutes of breath-taking dance»

«A rivettingly contemporary story»

«A fast-paced play that keeps you at the edge of your seat!»

Our current production is firmly set in today’s world where fast interactions on social media turn people simultaniously into echo-chamber multiplicators, revolutionaries and detectives, while constantly fueling and uncovering a scandalously obscene universe of manipulation, violence, intrigue and fake news. complicated! is a dance play noir, integrating  dance and theatre in a spectacular form without precendent.

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