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Choreographic Captures Award

My dance film entry "The Livin' Is Easy", conceived and shot in Mumbai India, won the Choreographic Captures Award. It will play in a variety of cinemas across Europe. If you are in Zurich's wonderful "Houdini" cinema, watch out for it!

„white paper white ink“

"What do you expect to come out of my pocket Other than a white piece of paper? Yes, there are words on it But written in white ink." (Maryam S.)   "white paper white ink" is new work in development. It is based on the texts of a young Iranian women who has come...

Inspirations de Paris

PHILINTE: Il est bien des endroits, où la pleine franchise Deviendrait ridicule, et serait peu permise; Et, parfois, n’en déplaise à votre austère honneur, Il est bon de cacher ce qu’on a dans le cœur. Serait-il à propos, et de la bienséance, De dire à mille gens tout...

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